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Desk Booking System Helps Offices Open Safely

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As offices gradually reopen in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, caution is key to supporting employees as they return to work safely.
To help companies maintain social distancing between employees, software programs such as the DeskFlex system from Epazz Inc., (ticker symbol: EPAZ) allows users to book conference rooms and select which seats are open and which are not, similar to choosing seats on an airplane when making a reservation.

DeskFlex has a history of offering flexible workspace options with desk booking system and room scheduling software that is gaining new attention and applications as companies strive to bring employees back to the office safely and maintain social distancing. For example, meeting attendees can use DeskFlex’s Bluetooth beacons to enter a conference room and find a space automatically reserved for them.

“Organizations of all spaces and sizes are changing the way they view office space,” says Shaun Passley, PhD CEO of Epazz, Inc.
“We have experienced high demand in DeskFlex desk booking software over the last couple of months, as the COVID-19 lockdowns end around the world,” he says.

More companies are changing policies to allow greater flexibility in working from home and to accommodate a rotating and smaller number of employees in the office to help maintain social distancing and reduce the risk of spreading infections.

DeskFlex software allows employees to book a desk in advance and confirm its availability, but also accounts for real-time flexibility as schedules and plans change, which helps avoid double-booking and no-shows.
In addition, the Bluetooth beacons can help colleagues locate each other quickly and easily while maintaining social distancing within the office setting.

DeskFlex also allows for remote booking of equipment such as laptops, projectors, or other items. The Bluetooth beacons may be attached to equipment so users can reserve them remotely for future use.

Up-and-coming from DeskFlex is a feature to alert cleaning staff that equipment has been reserved and needs to be cleaned.
DeskFlex offers customizable solutions to accommodate a range of office settings and business needs that can help companies navigate employees’ return to work safely and effectively.

Now that measurements have been taken for our safety , Elite Office Suites provides flexible workspace solutions and meeting rooms for when employees return to work. For more information you can contact Elite Office Suites at 954-617-8100.